Commit 38673b73 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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segmenter.js fix missing highlights and old variable references

a variable was replaced with highlights during previous refactoring, and
therefore these old references were not only causing errors in the code,
but also would never have worked as highlights.
parent 6b9dd5d5
......@@ -1481,14 +1481,14 @@ Sequence.prototype = Object.create(genSeq.prototype);
for (var i in SEGMENT_KEYS) {
if (typeof vdjArray[key] != 'undefined' && typeof vdjArray[key].stop != 'undefined'){
vdjArrayRev[vdjArray[key].stop] = {'type':'N', 'color': ""};
highlights.push({'type':'N', 'color': "", 'start': vdjArray[key].stop});
// We now put the start positions (that may override previous end positions)
for (var j in SEGMENT_KEYS) {
if (typeof vdjArray[key] != 'undefined' && typeof vdjArray[key].start!= 'undefined'){
vdjArrayRev[vdjArray[key].start] = {'type':'D', 'color': ""};
highlights.push({'type':'D', 'color': "", 'start': vdjArray[key].start});
highlights.push({'type':'V', 'color': this.m.colorMethod == "V" ? clone.colorV : "", 'start': vdjArray["5"].start});
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