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#+TITLE: Vidjil -- Browser Manual
#+AUTHOR: The Vidjil team (Mathieu, Mikaël and Marc)
#+AUTHOR: The Vidjil team (Mathieu, Mikaël, Marc and Tatiana)
This is the help of the Vidjil browser : [[]].
Vidjil is an open-source platform for the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data from lymphocytes.
[[][V(D)J recombinations]] in lymphocytes are essential for immunological diversity.
They are also useful markers of pathologies, and in leukemia, are used to quantify the minimal residual disease during patient follow-up.
High-throughput sequencing (NGS/HTS) now enables the deep sequencing of a lymphoid population with dedicated [[][Rep-Seq]] methods and software.
This is the help of the [[][Vidjil browser]].
Further help can always be asked to [[][]]. We can also arrange phone or Skype meeting.
The Vidjil team (Mathieu, Mikaël, Marc and Tatiana)
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