Commit 36072a47 authored by Cyprien Borée's avatar Cyprien Borée Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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add transferBioReaderSequences to Filter class

This method is used to transfer sequences from a BioReader to another based on
a KmerAffect.

For more informations see #3282.
parent 2f64e20b
......@@ -92,5 +92,16 @@ class FilterWithACAutomaton {
* Return the automaton stored.
AbstractACAutomaton<KmerAffect>* getAutomaton() const;
* Transfer sequences from a BioReader to another.
* @param src The BioReader from where the transfer will operate.
* @param dst The BioReader that will receive the new sequences.
* @param k The K-mer that indicate which sequences will be transfered.
* The label stored in the K-mer is used to select sequences. For more informations
* about how the label is used, see buildACAutomatonToFilterBioReader's doc.
void transferBioReaderSequences(const BioReader &src, BioReader &dst, const KmerAffect k) const;
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