Commit 35674ac0 authored by Cyprien Borée's avatar Cyprien Borée
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remove useless constant and include in filter.h

In order to refactor the filter file into a class, the useless constants and
include were removed from the file.

For more informations about the refacotr see #3283.
parent f69a9343
#ifndef FILTER_H
#define FILTER_H
#include <climits> //for UINT_MAX in filterBioReader
#include "bioreader.hpp"
#include "automaton.hpp"
This number is used in filterBioReaderWithACAutomaton to define
the minimum number of occurence that genes must have to be in the
filtered BioReader.
The number of required genes that must be greater or equal to BIOREADER_MIN
to filter a BioReader.
This function will filter a BioReader
@param idxAho: A pointer to a pair containing an int vector pointer and
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