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Clarify instructions about generating ssl certificates and when it is
necessary to replace "localhost" with an FQDN.

Also include information concerning the http configuration file
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......@@ -137,13 +137,16 @@ The vidjil Docker environment is managed by `docker-compose`, who launches the f
## Configuring the Vidjil container for a network usage
If you plan to use Vidjil only locally, these steps are not required.
Vidjil uses HTTPS by default, and will therefore require some ssl certificates.
You can achieve this with the following steps:
(If you are simply using Vidjil from your computer for testing purposes you can skip the next two steps).
- Change the hostname in the nginx configuration `vidjil-client/conf/nginx_web2py`,
replacing `$hostname` with your FQDN.
- Edit the `vidjil-client/conf/conf.js`
change all 'localhost' to the FQDN
(You will need this step whether you are using locally or not).
- Configure the SSL certificates
- A fast option is to create a self-signed SSL certificate.
Note that it will trigger security warnings when accessing the client.
......@@ -156,6 +159,11 @@ If you plan to use Vidjil only locally, these steps are not required.
- A better option is to use other certificates, for example by configuring free [Let's Encrypt]( certificates;
In `docker-compose.yml`, update `nginx.volumes` to add the directory with the certifictes.
If you would prefer to use the vidjil over HTTP (not recommended outside of testing purposes), you can
use the provided configuration files in `docker/vidjil-server/conf` and `docker/vidjil-client/conf`. You will find several files
that contain "http" in their name. Simply replace the existing config files with their HTTP counter-part (for safety reasons, don't
forget to make a backup of any file you replace.)
## First configuration and first launch
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