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README: Vidjil browser

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>name + VJ startV endV startJ endJ Vgene delV/N1/delJ Jgene
### .json format
### .json format and web interface
A summary of extracted windows is also available in a .json format,
including, for each windows, the number of reads sharing this window.
This file is currently used for development purposes, its format may
change in future releases of Vidjil.
This file will be used for a dynamic web application for visualization
and analysis of clones and their tracking along different samples,
(for example time points in a MRD setup or in a immunological study).
This application is currently in developpement and will be released in
Q4 2014. However, code source can be already accessed on Please contact us ( if
you would like to have an access on the web server.
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