Commit 31199e71 authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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less : css for graph_menu and graph_list ( graph top-right corner)

parent c5ebc82b
......@@ -210,19 +210,29 @@ max-height: calc(~"100%" - @margin)
position: absolute;
top: 2px;
right: 2px;
width: 45px;
height: 20px;
top: 0px;
right: 0px;
min-width: 45px;
min-height: 20px;
text-align: center;
border: solid;
border-bottom: solid;
border-left: solid;
border-color: @border;
background : @background;
display: none;
background : @highlight;
width: 100%;
cursor: aaa;
cursor: webkit-grab;
/*style scatterPlot element*/
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