Commit 30fb4aa7 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson Committed by Marc Duez
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Tests: -d option doesn't exist anymore

parent 205c2b45
!LAUNCH: ../../vidjil -v -g ../../germline -d -c segment ../../data/segment_simul.fa | grep '^[>#]'
!LAUNCH: ../../vidjil -v -g ../../germline -c segment ../../data/segment_simul.fa | grep '^[>#]'
$ First sequence, easy segmentation (no error, few deletions at the windows, small N)
!LAUNCH: ../../vidjil -G ../../germline/IGH -d ../../data/long-segmentation.fa
!LAUNCH: ../../vidjil -G ../../germline/IGH ../../data/long-segmentation.fa
$ Sequence should be segmented by k-mer segmenter
e1:SEG_+ -> 1
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