Commit 306eed6a authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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export.js: Retrieve the right sequence for N2

A typo (a misplaced ]) gave an undefined value which JS didn't complain about.
Therefore for N2, the sequence was retrieved until the end (thus including the J).
parent ecd309d9
......@@ -570,7 +570,7 @@ Report.prototype = {
if (this.m.clone(cloneID).getGene("4") != "undefined D"){
var seqN1 = seq.substring(seg['5']['stop'] + 1, seg['4']['start'])
var seqD = seq.substring(seg['4']['start'] , seg['4']['stop'] + 1)
var seqN2 = seq.substring(seg['4']['stop'] + 1, seg['3'['start']])
var seqN2 = seq.substring(seg['4']['stop'] + 1, seg['3']['start'])
$('<span/>', {'class': 'n_gene', 'text': seqN1}).appendTo(sequence);
$('<span/>', {'class': 'd_gene', 'text': seqD}).appendTo(sequence);
$('<span/>', {'class': 'n_gene', 'text': seqN2}).appendTo(sequence);
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