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stored for a given window.
6. The representative can then be segmented to determine what V, D and J
genes are at play. This is done by the FineSegmenter (=core/segment.h=).
** The xxx germline
- All germlines are inserted in one index using =build_with_one_index()= and
the segmentation method is set to =SEG_METHOD_MAX12= to tell that the
segmentation must somehow differ.
- So that the FineSegmenter correctly segments the sequence, the =rep_5= and
=rep_3= members (class =Fasta=) of the xxx germline are modified by the
FineSegmenter. The =override_rep5_rep3_from_labels()= method from the
Germline is the one that overwrites those members with the Fasta
corresponding to the affectation found by the KmerSegmenter.
* Browser
** Installation
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