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** Browser
*** Unit
The unit tests in the browser are managed by QUnit and launched using
[[][phantomjs]]. The tests are organised in the directory
[[../browser/test/QUnit/testFiles][browser/test/QUnit/testFiles]]. The file [[../browser/test/QUnit/testFiles/data_test.js][data_test.js]] contains a toy
dataset that is used in the tests.
Unit tests can be launched using a real browser (instead of phantomjs). It
suffices to open the file [[../browser/test/QUnit/test_Qunit.html][test_Qunit.html]]. In this HTML webpage it is
possible to see the coverage. It is important that all possible functions
are covered by unit tests. Having the coverage displayed under Firefox
needs to display the webpage using a web server for security
reasons. Under Chromium/Chrome this should work fine by just opening the
*** Functional
All the browser functional testing is done in the directory
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