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vidjil: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2015.04

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This changelog concerns the algorithmic part (C++) of Vidjil.
2015-04-XX The Vidjil Team
* New experimental e-value threshold (-e) (core/segment.cpp)
* New preview/debug options to stop after a given number of reads (-x), possibly sampled throughout the file (-X)
* New preview/debug option to output unsegmented reads as clones (-!)
* New progress bar during computation
* Better memory management for the reads taken into account for the representative (core/read_storage.cpp)
* Updated .json output, with k-mer affectation results
* Updated .json output, with the 'coverage' of the representative (core/representative.cpp)
* Removed unused code parts as well as some files
* Updated help, separing basic (-h) and advanced/experimental options (-H)
* Bugs closed (extended nucleotides and revcomp)
* New and updated unit and functional tests
2015-03-04 The Vidjil Team
* Better multi-germline analysis (-g), returning the best locus for each read (core/segment.cpp)
The incomplete rearrangement analysis (-i) can now safely be used.
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