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Commit 2b9f6305 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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controllers/ Use SampleSets to speed-up the clonedb

Fixes #3506
parent 49a12140
......@@ -48,24 +48,35 @@ def search_clonedb(sequences, sample_set_id):
return error_message('Are you sure your account has an enabled CloneDB?')
except Exception as e:
return error_message(e.message)
sample_set_ids = [ sid for occurrences_one_seq in occurrences for occ in occurrences_one_seq if 'tags' in occ and 'sample_set' in occ['tags'] for sid in occ['tags']['sample_set'] ]
sample_sets = SampleSets(sample_set_ids)
sample_names = sample_sets.get_names()
sample_tags = sample_sets.get_tag_names()
for occurrences_one_seq in occurrences:
for occ in occurrences_one_seq:
if 'tags' in occ and 'sample_set' in occ['tags']:
info = get_info_of_viewable_sample_set([int(sample_id) for sample_id in occ['tags']['sample_set']], int(occ['tags']['config_id'][0]))
info = get_info_of_viewable_sample_set([int(sample_id) for sample_id in occ['tags']['sample_set']], int(occ['tags']['config_id'][0]), sample_names, sample_tags)
occ['tags']['sample_set_viewable'] = info['viewable']
occ['tags']['sample_set_name'] = info['name']
occ['tags']['sample_tags'] = info['sample_tags']
config_db = db.config[occ['tags']['config_id'][0]]
occ['tags']['config_name'] = [ if config_db else None]
return response.json(results)
def get_info_of_viewable_sample_set(sample_sets, config):
def get_info_of_viewable_sample_set(sample_sets, config, sample_names, sample_tags):
info = {'viewable': [], 'name': [], 'sample_tags': []}
for sample_id in sample_sets:
viewable = auth.can_view_sample_set(sample_id, auth.user)
viewable = auth.can_view_sample_set(sample_id,
if viewable:
tags = get_sample_set_tags(sample_id)
tags = sample_tags.get(sample_id)
if tags:
for row in tags:
info['sample_tags'].append("#" +
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