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......@@ -502,6 +502,10 @@ make functional
And build the package in the /tmp folder along with all the files needed
to add the package to a repository
It is worth noting that while all packages can be built directly from the
project sources, the algorithm is actually built from the releases found
** Packaging Vidjil into a Debian Binary Package
In this section we will explain how to package a pre-compiled version of
Vidjil that will allow easy installation although it will not meet all the
......@@ -651,29 +655,56 @@ make functional
monitoring information to a remote server
** Building and starting the environment
Building the image is simple and can be done prior to editing the
configuration files if you wish, although it is not necessary.
The backup and reporter images are built based on the latest vidjil
docker image from Dockerhub.
** Starting the environment
Ensure your docker-compose.yml contains the correct reference to the
vidjil image you want to use. Usually this will be vidjil/vidjil:latest,
but more tags are available at
Running the following command will automatically download any missing
images and start the environment:
docker-compose up
If you are using the backup and reporter images, then you need to first
build these from the image you are using by running the following:
docker-compose up --build
This will also start the environment for you.
** Building images for DockerHub
Make sure your Dockerfile is up to date with any changes you may want to
make to the containers. And make sure the latest vidjil packages have been
deployed to the vidjil repository since they will be used as the source
for the actual vidjil application.
docker-compose build
Running the services:
Tag the image you have just built:
docker-compose up
docker tag vidjil:test vidjil/vidjil:<version>
docker tag vidjil:test vidjil/vidjil:<latestversion>
Shorthand for the two previous commands:
Push the image to DockerHub:
docker-compose up --build
docker push vidjil/vidjil:<tag>
$ docker-compose up --build
You may be required to log in, in which case you can consult for more
* Migrating Data
** Database
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