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** Making backups
Performing an Analysis in Vidjil is time-consuming, therefore should the
data be lost, valuable man-hours are also lost.
In order to prevent this we make regular incremental (?) backups of the
In order to prevent this we make regular incremental backups of the
data stored on the vidjil servers.
This not only applies to the fiels uploaded and created by vidjil, but also
to the database.
This applies to the files created during the analysis (either by a software or a human).
This does not apply to uploaded files.
To ease the backup, the script provides an example. For this
script to be ran automatically, it is required that =mysqldump= doesn't ask
for a password. The credentials informations should be provided in a
=~/.my.cnf= file (for MySQL obviously).
#+BEGIN_SRC conf
user = backup
password = "strongpassword"
host = localhost
It is also advised that the backup user has a read-only access to the database.
** Autodelete and Permissions
Web2py has a handy feature called AutoDelete which allows the administrator
to state that file reference deletions should be cascaded if no other
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