Commit 25b9fd3d authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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sample_set/index.html: Hide and show correct icons depending on permissions.

If we have access to a patient, we can download the sequences. But we can't
modify so don't show the modification icons.
parent 9c88946e
......@@ -96,10 +96,14 @@
{{if can_modify:}}
<td class="pointer" onclick="'file/edit', {'id' :'{{}}'} )" > <i class="icon-pencil-2" title="edit sample information"></i> </td>
<td> <a {{if row.sequence_file.data_file == None :}} {{=XML("class='inactive' title='file is missing' ")}}
{{else:}} href="{{=URL('patient','download', scheme='https', args=row.sequence_file.data_file)}}" {{pass}} >dl</a></td>
{{if can_modify:}}
<td class="pointer" onclick="'file/confirm', {'id' :'{{ }}', 'redirect_sample_set_id' : '{{=request.vars["id"]}}'} )" > <i class="icon-erase" title="delete sample"></i> </td>
<td class="column_sep"></td>
......@@ -145,7 +149,9 @@
<br /><br />
{{if can_modify:}}
<i class="icon-pencil-2" title="edit patient information" onclick="'sample_set/edit', { 'id' : '{{=request.vars["id"]}}' } )" > </i>
{{if can_upload: }}
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