Commit 24171223 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
Browse files remove unused function

parent b84b5b72
......@@ -676,14 +676,6 @@ def getStatHeaders():
('clones_five_percent', 'parser', m)
def getResultsFileStats(file_name, dest):
file_path = "%s%s" % (defs.DIR_RESULTS, file_name)
with open(file_path, 'rb') as f:
objects = ijson.items(f, 'samples.results_file_id')
dest['results_file_ids'] = json.loads(mjson)['results_file_id']
return dest
def getFusedStats(file_name, res, dest):
file_path = "%s%s" % (defs.DIR_RESULTS, file_name)
parser = VidjilParser()
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