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have come to light to my attention and make things easier
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*** Creating the orig archive
Debian packages use an orig archive to map a changelog. In order to create
this archive for vidjil you must:
Extract the release archive you wish to package:
$ tar -xf vidjil-<version>.tgz
$ cd vidjil-<version>/
Download the necessary germlines and data files:
$ mkdir browser # if it doesn't exist
$ make germline
$ make data
Archive the folder as follows:
Note that debian uses a different version annotation than vidjil, so it is
likely that you will need to determine the correct annotation to use.
$ cd ..
$ tar -cvzf vidjil_<debian-version-annotation>.orig.tar.gz
Make a standard compliant debian folder for the package (see documentation
in Requirements section) and add the 'missing-sources' file (this is a
workaround to the issue that Lintian cannot find the sources for some of the
binaries included) with the following content:
$ /browser/cgi/align.cgi
$ /browser/cgi/similarity.cgi
$ /algo/tools/similarity
Commit the source changes (for some reason the files need to be
$ dpkg-source --commit
Build the package just like any debian package:
$ debuild -us -uc
You're done! You can now install the debian package with:
$ sudo ``dpkg -i path/to/package
In order to build a debian package, it is required to have a folder named
debian with serveral files required for the package which contain meta
data and permit users to have information on packages and updates for
In order to generate this folder run the following from the source base
$ dh_make -n
Update debian/changelog, debian/control and debian/copyright to contain the correct
information to reflect the most recent changes and metadata of Vidjil.
Vidjil has no install rule so we need to use a debian packaging feature.
Create a file named debian/install with the following line:
vidjil usr/bin/
Vidjil currently depends on some unpackaged files that need to be
downloaded before compiling.
$ mkdir browser
$ make germline
$ make data
Debian packaging also requires archives of the original source. This is
to manage people packaging software they haven't developed with changes
they have made. To make things simpler, we simply package the current
source as the reference archive and build the package with the script
that can be obtained here: (Thank
you to Bas Wijnen <> for this script)
From the source directory, run that script to create the package.
You're done! You can now install the debian package with:
$ sudo dpkg -i path/to/package
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