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......@@ -21,8 +21,9 @@ present in the =.vidjil= file.
** =.vidjil= file -- one sample
This is an almost minimal =.vidjil= file, describing clones in one sample.
The =seg= element is optional.
The segmentation is here =TRGV5*01 5/CC/0 TRGJ1*02=.
The =seg= element is optional: clones without =seg= elements will be shown on the grid with '?/?'.
All other elemnts are required. The =reads.germlines= list can have only one element the case of data on a unique locus.
There is here one clone with a segmentation =TRGV5*01 5/CC/0 TRGJ1*02=.
Note that other elements could be added by some program (such as =tag= or =clusters=).
#+BEGIN_SRC js :tangle analysis-example1.vidjil
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