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......@@ -137,11 +137,15 @@ e-value, number of reads) about each clone.
In addition, depending on what the user launched on this clone, we may also
find detailed informations retrieved from IMGT or from CloneDB.
#### Detailed information from CloneDB
Note that this feature is experimental.
Also note that the percentage shown can be above 100% as the percentage is
#### Detailed information from CloneDB (experimental feature)
If you are connected to a patient/experiment database where CloneDB is enabled,
and if CloneDB was launched on the selected clone,
you can see here occurrences of this clone in CloneDB
as well as links to the relevant patients/runs/sets.
Note that the percentage shown can be above 100% as the percentage is
calculated over all the samples in the sample set.
## The sample graph
The sample graph is hidden when there is only one sample. It shows the most frequent clones of each sample, tracked into every sample.
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