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......@@ -197,6 +197,7 @@ These installation instruction are for Ubuntu server 14.04
* Troubleshootings
** Workers seem to be stuck
For some reasons, that are not clear yet, it may happen that workers are not
assigned any additional jobs even if they don't have any ongoin jobs.
......@@ -205,3 +206,38 @@ These installation instruction are for Ubuntu server 14.04
initctl restart web2py-scheduler
* Hardware
** Minimal
The minimal requirement for running Vidjil is quite low. For a single run,
a single core processor with 2GB of RAM will suffice (Vidjil Typically uses
approx. 1.2GB of RAM to run on a 1GB fastq and will take approx. 5 minutes+).
Therefore in order to maintain a stable service of the server with a single
worker for running Vidjil, any standard multi-core processor will do.
** Recommended
When choosing hardware for your server it is important to know the scale
of usage you require.
If you have many users that use the app on a daily basis, you will need to
have multiple cores to ensure the worker queues don't build up.
One worker will occupy one core completely when running Vidjil (Vidjil is
currently single-threaded).
For reference, here is the current Vidjil setup we use on our public
testing server:
- Processor: Quad core Intel 2.4MHz
- RAM: 16GB
This configuration currently serves 15 regular users (~40 total).
Given that the CPU is quad-core, we have 3 workers for executing Vidjil.
This way the webserver can always have a dedicated cpu core and
running the workers at full capacity has no adverse effects on the
web server's response times.
* Storage
The main limitation of Vidjil is the amount of data involved. Files can
sometimes weigh several GB, so a full installation's total storage should
be be serveral hundred GB, or even several TB.
We recommend a RAID setup of at least 2x2TB to allow for user files and at
least one backup.
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