Commit 1c81ee1d authored by HERBERT Ryan's avatar HERBERT Ryan Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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packaging server add 'none' options

Added 'none' options to webserver and init selection so users can opt to
choose their own webserver or startup program
parent cf31f66a
Template: vidjil/reconfigure-webserver
Type: select
Choices: apache2, nginx
Choices: apache2, nginx, none
Description: Web server to configure automatically
Any webserver can be configured to serve the vidjil webapp,
however we only supply files for Apache2 and Nginx.
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Description: Should the webserver(s) be restarted now?
Template: vidjil/configure-startup
Type: select
Choices: init, systemd
Choices: init, systemd, none
Description: Startup system to configure automatically
Vidjil Server uses a number of startup scripts to ensure the system will not be
down after rebooting.
......@@ -262,6 +262,8 @@ case "$1" in
......@@ -338,6 +340,8 @@ case "$1" in
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