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Commit 1bde190b authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez

server test: user.py test file

parent ad389998
import unittest
from gluon.globals import Request, Session, Storage, Response
from gluon.tools import Auth
from gluon.contrib.test_helpers import form_postvars
from gluon import current
class UserController(unittest.TestCase):
def __init__(self, p):
global auth, session, request
unittest.TestCase.__init__(self, p)
def setUp(self):
# Load the to-be-tested file
execfile("applications/vidjil/controllers/user.py", globals())
# set up default session/request/auth/...
global response, session, request, auth
session = Session()
request = Request({})
auth = Auth(globals(), db)
auth.login_bare("test@vidjil.org", "1234")
# rewrite info / error functions
# for some reasons we lost them between the testRunner and the testCase but we need them to avoid error so ...
def f(a):
log.info = f
log.error = f
log.debug = f
# for defs
current.db = db
current.auth = auth
def testIndex(self):
resp = index()
self.assertTrue(resp.has_key('query'), "index() has returned an incomplete response")
def testInfo(self):
request.vars["id"] = user_id
resp = info()
self.assertTrue(resp.has_key('message'), "info() has returned an incomplete response")
def testRights(self):
request.vars["id"] = user_id #user_id
request.vars["name"] = "patient" #table name on which the right will aply
request.vars["right"] = "plouf" #right name
request.vars["value"] = "true" #add right
resp = rights()
self.assertNotEqual(resp.find("add 'plouf' permission on 'patient' for user Testers Inc"), -1, "add permission failled")
request.vars["value"] = "false" #remove right
resp = rights()
self.assertNotEqual(resp.find("remove 'plouf' permission on 'patient' for user Testers Inc"), -1, "remove permission failled")
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