Commit 198c3d20 authored by Thonier Florian's avatar Thonier Florian
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clone_test; update tests with the bug fix on 1based positions

link to #3488
parent 09ec2c71
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ QUnit.module("Clone", {
"3start" : 15,
"5" : {'start': 1, 'end': 5}, // 0-based (old format, with 'end')
"cdr3": {
"start": 11,
"start": 8,
"stop": 16,
"aa": "ABCDE"
......@@ -248,10 +248,10 @@ QUnit.test("name, informations, getHtmlInfo", function(assert) {
"getHtmlInfo: segmentation information (V gene) after changment");
// Test junction in html export
assert.includes(html, "<tr><td>junction</td><td colspan='4'>aat</td></tr>",
assert.includes(html, "<tr><td>junction</td><td colspan='4'>att</td></tr>",
"getHtmlInfo c1: junction info for productive clone");
html = c3.getHtmlInfo();
assert.includes(html, "<tr><td>junction</td><td colspan='4'>aaaaaaaaattt</td></tr>",
assert.includes(html, "<tr><td>junction</td><td colspan='4'>aaaaaaaatttt</td></tr>",
"getHtmlInfo c3: junction info for non productive clone");
assert.includes(html, "<tr><td>junction (AA seq)</td><td colspan='4'>WKIC</td></tr>",
"getHtmlInfo c3: junction (AAseq) info for non productive clone");
......@@ -272,10 +272,10 @@ QUnit.test('clone: get info from seg', function(assert) {
assert.notOk(c1.hasSeg('toto'), "clone1 doesn't have toto")
assert.notOk(c1.hasSeg('junction', 'toto'), "clone1 has junction but doesn't have toto")
assert.equal(c1.getSegLength('cdr3'), 6, "CDR3 length");
assert.equal(c1.getSegLength('cdr3'), 9, "CDR3 length");
assert.equal(c2.getSegLength('cdr3'), 'undefined', "no cdr3 in c2");
var pos_cdr3 = c1.getSegStartStop('cdr3')
assert.equal(pos_cdr3['start'], 10, "CDR3 length")
assert.equal(pos_cdr3['start'], 7, "CDR3 length")
assert.equal(pos_cdr3['stop'], 15, "CDR3 length")
assert.equal(c1.getSegStartStop('toto'), null, "no toto record")
var pos_junction = c3.getSegStartStop('junction')
......@@ -292,7 +292,8 @@ QUnit.test('clone: get info from seg', function(assert) {
assert.equal(c1.eValue, 1e-2, 'Recomputing e-value should not change its value')
assert.equal(c1.getSegNtSequence('junction'), 'aat', 'junction c1')
assert.equal(c1.getSegNtSequence('junction'), 'att', 'junction c1')
assert.equal(c1.getSegNtSequence('cdr3'), 'aaatttttt', 'sequence cdr3 c1 (by getSegNtSequence)')
assert.equal(c1.getSegAASequence('junction'), '', 'no AA junction for c1')
assert.equal(c1.getSegAASequence('cdr3'), 'ABCDE', 'AA CDR3 for c1')
......@@ -439,7 +440,7 @@ QUnit.test("export", function(assert) {
"TRG", "-/-",
"undefined V", "IGHD2*03", "IGHV4*01",
"not productive",
10, 10, 15, 15,
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