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consensus-random-read-choose.should: Update comments (default is not the same anymore)

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!LAUNCH: $VIDJIL_DIR/$EXEC -w 20 -g $VIDJIL_DIR/germline/homo-sapiens.g:TRG -consensus-on-longest-sequences $VIDJIL_DATA/test-random-consensus.fa.gz > consensus-default.log
!LAUNCH: $VIDJIL_DIR/$EXEC -w 20 -g $VIDJIL_DIR/germline/homo-sapiens.g:TRG --consensus-on-longest-sequences $VIDJIL_DATA/test-random-consensus.fa.gz > consensus-longest.log
!LAUNCH: $VIDJIL_DIR/$EXEC -w 20 -g $VIDJIL_DIR/germline/homo-sapiens.g:TRG $VIDJIL_DATA/test-random-consensus.fa.gz > consensus-random.log
!LAUNCH: diff consensus-default.log consensus-random.log
!LAUNCH: diff consensus-longest.log consensus-random.log
$ Output should differ: default has a consensus of 52bp (with the spurious insertion)
$ Output should differ: ReadQualityScore gives a consensus of 52bp (with the spurious insertion)
# Appears twice in the header of the consensus sequence and in the similarity matrix
2:^< .* 52 bp
1:^< CTTTT
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