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......@@ -263,6 +263,16 @@ in your `docker-compose.yml`: `../germline:/usr/share/vidjil/germline`.
After retrieving the germlines, you will also need to copy the generated `germline.js`
(found in `browser/js/`) into the `docker/vidjil-client/conf` directory.
# Docker -- Adding Software
Some software can be added to Vidjil for pre-processing or even processing if the
software outputs data compatible with the .vidjil format.
We recommend you add software by adding a volume to your `docker-compose.yml`.
By default we add our external files to `/opt/vidjil` on the host machine. You can then
reference the executable in `vidjil-server/conf/`.
In some cases, using the software may require development. In other cases, adding
the appropriate `pre process` or `analysis config` can be enough.
# Docker -- Troubleshooting
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