Commit 13803b91 authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez
Browse files : remove potentialy dangerous log

log can fail if case of empty value
parent 97075f09
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...@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ class Importer(): ...@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ class Importer():
for key in ref_fields: for key in ref_fields:
ref_key = ref_fields[key] ref_key = ref_fields[key]
matching_id = self.mappings[key].getMatchingId(val[ref_key]) matching_id = self.mappings[key].getMatchingId(val[ref_key])
self.log.debug("%s replacing %s: %d with %d" % (table, ref_key, val[ref_key], matching_id)) #self.log.debug("%s replacing %s: %d with %d" % (table, ref_key, val[ref_key], matching_id))
val[ref_key] = matching_id val[ref_key] = matching_id
oid = db[table].insert(**val) oid = db[table].insert(**val)
self.log.debug("new %s: %d" % (table, oid)) self.log.debug("new %s: %d" % (table, oid))
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