Commit 13277be8 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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tests: test download IGK-INTRON.fa and IGK-KDE.fa

parent c3f4aab0
!LAUNCH: (cd ../../germline ; md5sum *.fa || md5 -r *.fa)
$ Check md5 in germline/
$ Check md5 in germline/, sequences split from IMGT
1:3a655c9d99ca04907a120f1b69febf2e IGHD.fa
1:0d87f672c582e7e15cdcaa0fb5e08f6f IGHJ.fa
1:6eb42ca3084165882bb4a3aa6ef9470b IGHV.fa
......@@ -18,3 +18,7 @@ $ Check md5 in germline/
1:35c753ccdba5a343aa40f05bd9c032d8 TRDV.fa
1:16dfaa7a248644b484ff62fb49ae836b TRGJ.fa
1:64e5f218e9de3443f04c4f4e81468f0d TRGV.fa
$ Check md5 in germline/, other sequences
1:7d6247262807ad5478b7a4e52a59c568 IGK-INTRON.fa
1:1147a04c4e8a8dd534aae65db1ae13ca IGK-KDE.fa
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