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......@@ -14,15 +14,22 @@ methods and software.
- Tutorial "Mastering the Vidjil web application": [english](./tutorial/mastering-vidjil.html) ([pdf](./tutorial/mastering-vidjil.pdf)), [français](./tutorial/mastering-vidjil-fr.html)
([pdf](./tutorial/mastering-vidjil-fr.pdf)). Start by this tutorial to have an overview of Vidjil.
- Web application [user manual](
- Web platform [user manual](
- [Demo access]( to the patient, experiment and sample server
- [Public datasets]( supporting Vidjil publications
### Algorithm, web application, server, developper documentation
### Algorithm and server documentation
- [Vidjil-algo documentation](, usage from the command-line
- [Server administration](, configuration and administration features available from the web application
- [Docker/Server installation and maintenance](, server installation, configuration and maintenance from the command line
### Developer documentation
- [Vidjil-algo documentation](
- [Encoding clones with V(D)J recombinations](, specification of the `.vidjil` file format
- [Docker/Server installation and maintenance](
- Specification of the [.should-vdj]( format for encoding curated V(D)J designations
- List of implemented [warnings](, list of default [tags](
- Developer documentation: [Vidjil-algo](, web application: [client](, [server](
These documentations and additional developer and maintainer documentation
are available from the [doc/]( directory in the source files.
......@@ -9,10 +9,11 @@ repo_name: gitlab
- / :
- web, user manual:
- locus and recombinations:
- user manual:
- recombinations:
- vidjil-algo:
- .vidjil format:
- admin:
- server:
- credits:
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