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......@@ -25,12 +25,19 @@ to merge them (when applicable) and to filter them, with a first iteration of Vi
before uploading to a Vidjil server.
This filtering will produce much smaller files that could also be used by other software.
We offer two versions:
- The latest stable version, `vidjil-algo-latest`, which is in production for clinical applications.
- Tha alpha version, `vidjil-algo-alpha`, that provides at least 5× speed-up on multiple locus filtering.
Sensibility should be equivalent or even better than with the stable version.
Work is underway to release this version for production for Q4 2021.
### Installation
**Install `vidjil-algo`**
- Requirements ([more documentation]( on a recent Ubuntu system, `sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev`
- Dowload and extract <>
- Download and extract <> or <>
- Inside `vidjil-algo` directory, build it with `make` (it boths compile vijdil-algo and fetches germlines genes repertoires created from IMGT and NCBI)
**Install `flash2`**
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