Commit 0e39d067 authored by Armand Bour's avatar Armand Bour Committed by Mikaël Salson
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Use config value in segmenter page

Uses a value defined in the configuration file (conf.js) instead of a
hard-coded value.
parent b6db799d
var model;
var segmenter;
var scatter;
......@@ -43,7 +44,9 @@ function displayError(error, rawError, exc) {
* @param {function} error - the function to call when an error occurs.
function requestVidjilFile(sequences, callback, error) {
var urlController = '';
var urlController = config && config.segmenter_address
? config.segmenter_address
var dataToSend = new FormData();
dataToSend.append('sequences', sequences);
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