Attention une mise à jour du serveur va être effectuée le lundi 17 mai entre 13h et 13h30. Cette mise à jour va générer une interruption du service de quelques minutes.

Commit 0d2d2aea authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert

Merge branch 'hotfix/delete_results_if_reupload' into dev

parents 2a23c579 858d0e04
......@@ -365,6 +365,8 @@ def edit_form():
filename = db.sequence_file[request.vars['id']].filename
if request.vars['filename'] != "":
filename = request.vars['filename']
# file is being reuploaded, remove all existing results_files
db(db.results_file.sequence_file_id == request.vars["id"]).delete()
pre_process = None
if request.vars['pre_process'] != "0":
pre_process = int(request.vars['pre_process'])
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