Commit 0b45d0ed authored by Vidjil Team's avatar Vidjil Team

views/notification/index.html: table layout, cosmetic changes

parent 2dcc96d8
......@@ -18,12 +18,12 @@
<td class="column_100"> Title </td>
<td class="column_100"> Message </td>
<td class="column_100"> Creation Date </td>
<td class="column_200"> Message </td>
<td class="column_100"> Date </td>
{{if auth.is_admin():}}
<td class="column_100"> Creator </td>
<td class="column_100"> Type </td>
<td class="column_100"> Priority </td>
<td class="column_50"> Creator </td>
<td class="column_50"> Type </td>
<td class="column_50"> Priority </td>
<td class="column_100"> Expiration Date </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
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