Commit 0a55b6a8 authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez

server : update register and lost password link

-use javascrip call method instead of web2py url
parent 900cf3f6
{{extend 'db_layout.html'}}
<h2>{{=T( request.args(0).replace('_',' ').capitalize() )}}</h2>
if request.args(0)=='login':
{{form['_id'] ="login_form"}}
if not 'register' in auth.settings.actions_disabled:
form.add_button(T('Register'),URL(args='register', vars={'_next': request.vars._next} if request.vars._next else None),_class='btn')
if not 'request_reset_password' in auth.settings.actions_disabled:
form.add_button(T('Lost Password'),URL(args='request_reset_password'),_class='btn')
{{if request.args(0)=='login':}}
{{if not 'register' in auth.settings.actions_disabled:}}
<button class="btn" onclick="'default/user/register')">Register</button>
form['_id'] ="login_form"
{{if not 'request_reset_password' in auth.settings.actions_disabled:}}
<button class="btn" onclick="'default/user/request_reset_password')">Lost Password</button>
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