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* Packaging
** Script driven building
In order to make packaging Vidjil simple and facilitate releases scripts
have been made and all meta data files required for the Debian packages
can be found in the packaging directory in each package's subdirectory.
In the packaging directory can be found the scripts for building each of
the vidjil packages: germline, algo (named vidjil) and server.
Note: is a helper script that is used by the other
build-* scripts to build a package.
Executing one of the scripts will copy the necessary files to the
corresponding packaging subdirectory (germline, vidjil and server)
And build the package in the /tmp folder along with all the files needed
to add the package to a repository
** Packaging Vidjil into a Debian Binary Package
In this section we will explain how to package a pre-compiled version of
Vidjil that will allow easy installation although it will not meet all the
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