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## Review environments (CI)
To deploy review environments, we need to customise the Docker configuration.
So that the docker containers are named depending on the branch they're built on we rename the docker directory.
Also a script rewrites the `docker-compose.yml` file in order to:
* provide the path to the SSL certificates
* set volumes that will point to the source code
* mount the volumes to existing sequence files and results
* have a dedicated volume for the database (so that each branch has its own database)
* the `network_mode` has to be set to `bridge` in order to work with the Nginx proxy
Also a sample database is loaded in the `` script (from the `docker/ci/ci.sql` file).
Self-signed certificates need to exist on the host and two scripts `` and `` are used to copy the certificates in the right directory when setting the review environment.
Here is the ``:
DIR=$(dirname $0)
echo "Install certificates for $BRANCH"
cd $DIR/$BRANCH/docker_$BRANCH/vidjil-client/
mkdir ssl
cd ssl
ln ~/nginx/certs/web2py.crt
ln ~/nginx/certs/
ln ~/nginx/certs/web2py.key
cp ~/nginx/certs/web2py.crt ~/nginx/certs/$
cp ~/nginx/certs/ ~/nginx/certs/$
cp ~/nginx/certs/web2py.key ~/nginx/certs/$
And the ``:
DIR=$(dirname $0)
echo "Uninstall certificates for $BRANCH"
rm -f $DIR/$BRANCH/docker_$BRANCH/vidjil-client/ssl/web2py.{ctr,info,key}
rm -f ~/nginx/certs/$ ~/nginx/certs/$ ~/nginx/certs/$
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