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If you have to launch `irb` on a remote server without X (only using `Xvfb`)
you may be interested to use the [redirection over SSH](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xvfb#Remote_control_over_SSH).
### Functional with cypress (release candidate)
To avoid `Watir` limitation on latest versions of browsers, we adopt [Cypress](https://docs.cypress.io/guides/overview/why-cypress#In-a-nutshell).
The testing pipeline is build on a docker image which include legacy and latest version of chrome and firefox (as at june 2021).
We will progressivly convert Watir tests on Cypress.
1. Instalation
The docker image to used can be build from local repository, or downloaded from dockerhub repository.
Docker should be installed for these tests.
1. Local build
docker build ./docker/ci -t "vidjilci/cypress_with_browsers:latest"
2. Dockerhub pull
docker pull "vidjilci/cypress_with_browsers:latest"
2. Usage
The default usage of cypress pipeline use docker image and is launch in headless mode.
See the makefile rule `functional_browser_cypress`.
This rule launch the next command:
docker run \
-v $(PWD)/browser/test/cypress:/app/cypress \
-v $(PWD)/browser/test/data/:/app/cypress/fixtures/data/ \
-v $(PWD)/doc/:/app/cypress/fixtures/doc/ \
-v $(PWD):/app/vidjil \
-v "$(PWD)/docker/ci/cypress_script.bash":"/app/script.bash" \
-v "$(PWD)/docker/ci/cypress.json":"/app/cypress.json" \
--env BROWSER=electron --env HOST=local "vidjilci/cypress_with_browsers:latest" bash script.bash
Various local volumes are mounted for these tests.
Tests scripts are located in `browser/test/cypress`.
In this directory you can find scripts of `support` (shared functions), `fixtures` (datas used during tests) and finally `integration` (testing scripts).
3. Interactive mode
For interactive mode, Cypress should be installed on local computer and some symbolic links should be created.
More informations will be provided next.
4. Troubleshooting
1. Xvfb error
Sometime during developpement, the cypress pipeline can failed. In some case, the XVDB server can still open after test ending and the docker image still open.
In this case, stop the docker container.
docker ps
docker stop $container_id
2. Right error on produced files (report and screenshot)
Files produced by cypress docker are made with root right. These files should be deleted with root privilege.
sudo rm -r browser/test/cypress/report browser/test/cypress/screenshots
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