Commit 03a11a56 authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez
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server : add used configs for each patient in patient list

parent b659879c
......@@ -22,21 +22,29 @@ query = db(
<div id="db_table_container">
<table class="db_table" id="table">
<tr><td class="column1"> name </td>
<td class="column2"> birth </td>
<td> info </td>
<td class="column2"> files </td>
<td class="column1"> configs used</td>
<td class="column4"> files </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
{{for row in query :}}
<tr onclick="'patient/info', {'id' :'{{}}'} )" >
<td> {{=row.patient.last_name + " " + row.patient.first_name }} </td>
<td> {{=row.patient.birth }} </td>
<td> {{ }} </td>
<td> {{for row2 in db( db.fused_file.patient_id == ).select(db.fused_file.config_id, distinct=True) :}}
{{=db.config[row2.config_id].name}} ,
<td> {{=row[count]}}</td>
{{if auth.has_membership("admin"):}}
<td onclick="'patient/permission', {'id' :'{{}}'} )" > p </td> {{else:}} <td></td> {{pass}}
......@@ -46,6 +54,9 @@ query = db(
{{else:}} <td></td><td></td>{{pass}}
<table class="db_table" id="db_fixed_header"></table>
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