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Commit 01f7e36f authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mikaël Salson

cleanup debug prints

parent 971e42cd
......@@ -206,18 +206,13 @@ def all():
search, tags = parse_search(request.vars["filter"])
group_ids = get_involved_groups()
list = SampleSetList(type, page, step, tags=tags)
if isAdmin or len(get_group_list(auth)) > 1:
result = list.get_values()
f = time.time()
slist = SampleSetList(type)
# failsafe if filtered display all results
step = len(list) if step is None else step
page = 0 if page is None else page
result = slist.result
factory = ModelFactory()
helper = factory.get_instance(type=type)
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