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    core/{windowExtractor,windows,segment}: Short/shifted windows · bd1eadc7
    Mikaël Salson authored
    Warn when we have one.
    This requires to add a new segmentation status. The problem is that
    Segment::getSegmentationStatus() returns just an integer which doesn't make
    possible to have several statuses at once (which could be convenient). A
    solution would be to use masks for the statuses (ie. if s is the status we
    would store 1 << s).  Since this would require quite some code modification to
    achieve that, I added some extra tests (that's bad) to deal with the case
    where the segmentation is achieved with a shorter or shifted window. In such a
    case we warn the user in the JSON (warning on the CLI should be done too).
    See #2913, #2916.
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