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    vidjil.cpp: FineSegmenter in -c clones also considers e-value · 8f7219b8
    Mathieu Giraud authored
    Follows what is done for D in e6ffb915, and what was already done for V/J in -c segment.
    Even if it may be counter-intuitive, the results of segmentation thus actually depends on the number of reads:
    '-e 1' should mean that we expect one false positive segmentation in the output.
    Even if some e-values slightly change, this commit does not affect the results of the tests.
    We should investigate what happens when a FineSegmenter fails here.
    Moreover, is it sane to have the same '-e' paramater for fixing both e-values of Kmer and FineSegmenter?
    Or should we rather have another paramater?
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