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    core/segment.cpp: UNSEG_ONLY_V/J only when there are enough V/J k-mers detected · 5298c86f
    Mathieu Giraud authored
    There are two places where the segmentation can fail with UNSEG_ONLY_V/J.
    The first one, when there is no segmentation point, previously returned UNSEG_ONLY_V/J
    even when there was only one (possibly noisy) V/J k-mer.
    This is now corrected, UNSEG_ONLY_V/J is triggered only when one has at least DETECT_THRESHOLD k-mers (now 5).
    Ideally, we should use here an e-value check, but the segmentation point returned by kaa->getMaximum()
    is not really meaningfull in these cases and my lead to false statistics computations.
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