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......@@ -7,15 +7,24 @@ USNB is composed by set of service components. You can use one or more of the fo
* [API Gateway](
* [Entity Manager](
* [Message Transformer](
* [Facebook Binding Component (No Messenger Platform)](
* [Facebook Binding Component (Messenger Platform)](
* [Email Binding Component](
* [Messenger Persona]( - DEPRECATED: see Messenger Persona (Messenger Platform API) instead
* [Messenger Persona (Messenger Platform API)](
* [Email Persona]( - DEPRECATED: see Gmail Persona instead
This README contains the necessary steps to get the USNB up and running. If you want to read more about USNB, check the following articles:
* Rafael Angarita, Nikolaos Georgantas, Cristhian Parra, James Holston, Valérie Issarny. [Leveraging the Service Bus Paradigm for Computer-mediated Social Communication Interoperability]( Proc. Software Engineering in Society Track at ICSE’2017.
* Rafael Angarita, Nikolaos Georgantas, Valérie Issarny. [USNB: Enabling Universal Online Social Interactions]( Proc. 3rd IEEE Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing (Best Paper Award).
### Outgoing Work ###
We are currently working on a USNB specialization for the online learning context with a social perspective. Social Learning Network (SLN) is considered as a type of social network among learners, teachers, and modules of learning. It encapsulates a wide variety of scenarios, in which learners can learn from each others through interaction.We are currently extending USNB for supporting an Online Social Learning Network Services (OSLN), so that trainees may experiment concrete online participation (e.g., discussion together via the Social Communication Bus) in relation with their training. Here, the online social learning network is a type of social network that results from interaction between learners, teachers, and modules of learning. (e.g., the Coursera and MOOC courses). In addition, increasing participant engagement (i.e., course completion time) has been investigated through integrating a recommendation system to USNB to offer appropriate study partners to learners. Offering appropriate study partners can encourage learners to be more active and stay in the courses. Last but not least, getting benefit from the user interactive environment provided by USNB, the learners can communicate to the recommended study partners through their social network messengers as well as the course forum.
Right now, we have specialized the Messenger and Slack personae. You can check them out in their respective repositories -see the links above-.
### Setup ###
If you want to use all available USNB components, you have to install the following:
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