Commit 8aec2bf7 authored by AGULLO Emmanuel's avatar AGULLO Emmanuel
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Removing dependencies on lapack (openblas provides it already) and python-scipy

parent 4fa805d2
......@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ etc.")
`(("gfortran:lib" ,gfortran "lib") ;for 'gcc … -lgfortran'
("openblas" ,openblas)
("lapack" ,lapack) ;must be built with '-DLAPACKE_WITH_TMG=ON'
;; ("lapack" ,lapack) ;must be built with '-DLAPACKE_WITH_TMG=ON'
;; The following are optional dependencies.
("metis" ,metis)
......@@ -547,7 +547,8 @@ etc.")
("python2" ,python-2)
("python-numpy" ,python2-numpy)
("python-scipy" ,python2-scipy)))
;; ("python-scipy" ,python2-scipy)
(propagated-inputs `(("hwloc" ,hwloc "lib")
("scotch" ,scotch)))
(synopsis "Sparse matrix direct solver")
......@@ -866,5 +867,5 @@ CTAGS = $(CTAGSPROG)
(inputs `(
,@(delete `("python2" ,python-2) (package-inputs pastix))
,@(delete `("python-numpy" ,python2-numpy) (package-inputs pastix))
,@(delete `("python-scipy" ,python2-scipy) (package-inputs pastix))
;; ,@(delete `("python-scipy" ,python2-scipy) (package-inputs pastix))
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