Commit 28544ab1 authored by Marek Felšöci's avatar Marek Felšöci
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gcvb: update to commit 9605966

parent f2531c65
...@@ -351,15 +351,15 @@ ...@@ -351,15 +351,15 @@
(define-public gcvb (define-public gcvb
(package (package
(name "gcvb") (name "gcvb")
(version "0.0.1-cba5f72") (version "0.0.1")
(source (origin (source (origin
(method git-fetch) (method git-fetch)
(uri (git-reference (uri (git-reference
(url "") (url "")
(commit "cba5f72c5da761cfb3f3e9960f12dd4b68ae0f44"))) (commit "960596698b5d4381969956203c965369194fab65")))
(sha256 (sha256
(base32 (base32
"1ai9yh4hg7crgrx3p3wkdiqhqg79gjqs10ry273ihx89rx3xzzsl")))) "07p3dpqv234b3f4q3h63hg25wi83p903wvn299lphb0vn9q0ypkz"))))
(build-system python-build-system) (build-system python-build-system)
(propagated-inputs (propagated-inputs
`(("PyYAML" ,python-pyyaml-5) `(("PyYAML" ,python-pyyaml-5)
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