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README: Clarify section about hacking on Guix-HPC.

* Remove GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, mention -L, add "Hacking on
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......@@ -41,20 +41,27 @@ with the following snippet to request the `guix-hpc` _channel_:
That way, `guix pull` will systematically pull not only Guix, but also
Alternately, you can drop a Guix-HPC checkout in `GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH`:
## Hacking on Guix-HPC
When working on packages of the `guix-hpc` channel, you'll need to clone
the `guix-hpc` repository:
cd src
git clone
From then on, you can edit package definitions, and then try them out by
passing the location of the checkout using the `-L` flag to `guix build`
and other command-line tools, as in this example:
$ git clone
$ export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=$PWD/guix-hpc
$ guix package -i starpu
The following package will be installed:
starpu 1.2.1 /gnu/store/rkbcfj1prdn5i0ama1qli5zw37ajv1ac-starpu-1.2.1
The following derivations will be built:
guix build -L ~/src/guix-hpc starpu
When you’re satisfied with your changes, push them—your changes are now
just a `guix pull` away for users of your channel!
## Pre-built binaries
Pre-built binaries for Guix-HPC packages are served from
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