Commit f8afddd0 authored by Timothy Bourke's avatar Timothy Bourke Committed by Gwenaël Delaval

Work better with merlin

parent 100c08ee
B _build
B _build/global
B _build/heptagon
B _build/heptagon/analysis
B _build/heptagon/main
B _build/heptagon/parsing
B _build/heptagon/transformations
B _build/main
B _build/minils
B _build/minils/analysis
B _build/minils/main
B _build/minils/sigali
B _build/minils/transformations
B _build/obc
B _build/obc/c
B _build/obc/java
B _build/obc/main
B _build/obc/transformations
S global
S heptagon
S heptagon/analysis
S heptagon/ctrln
S heptagon/main
S heptagon/parsing
S heptagon/transformations
S main
S minils
S minils/analysis
S minils/ctrln
S minils/main
S minils/sigali
S minils/transformations
S obc
S obc/c
S obc/java
S obc/main
S obc/transformations
S utilities
S utilities/ctrln
S utilities/global
S utilities/minils
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
<**/*.ml*>: debug, dtypes, package(ocamlgraph)
<>: camlp4of, package(camlp4)
true: use_menhir
true: annot, bin_annot
<**/*.{byte,native,[dp].byte,[dp].native}>: package(unix), package(str)
<**/heptc.{byte,native,[dp].byte,[dp].native}>: package(menhirLib), package(ocamlgraph)
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