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User manual update

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......@@ -227,17 +227,20 @@ simulated node's inputs, and prints its outputs on the standard output. Such
executable, for the simulation of the node \texttt{f}, can be obtained by the
\texttt{-s <node>} option:
> heptc -target c -s f example.ept
> heptc -target c -s f -hepts example.ept
We can then directly compile the generated C program (whose main function stand
in the \texttt{\_main.c} file):
> cd example_c
> gcc -Wall -c example.c
> gcc -Wall -c _main.c
> gcc -Wall -c -I <path_to_lib>/c example.c
> gcc -Wall -c -I <path_to_lib>/c _main.c
> gcc -o f_sim _main.o example.o # \text{executable creation}
Where \verb+<path_to_lib>+ is the path to the Heptagon library (e.g.,
\texttt{/usr/local/lib/heptagon}), and can be obtained with the command
\texttt{heptc -where}.
This executable \texttt{f\_sim} can then be used with the graphical simulator
\texttt{hepts}, which takes as argument:
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