Commit b51c2922 authored by Gwenaël Delaval's avatar Gwenaël Delaval

Allow use of simple scheduler after control synthesis code generation

The -simple-scheduler option now imply the use of simple scheduler
both before and after control synthesis code generation.
parent 7abe92dc
......@@ -126,10 +126,14 @@ let compile_program p log_c =
(* Re-scheduling after generation *)
let p =
if not !Compiler_options.use_old_scheduler then
match !Compiler_options.use_old_scheduler,
!Compiler_options.use_simple_scheduler with
| false, false ->
pass "Scheduling (with minimization of interferences)" ctrl Schedule_interf.program p pp
| true, false ->
pass "Scheduling" ctrl Schedule.program p pp
| _, true ->
pass "Scheduling (simple)" ctrl Schedule_simple.program p pp
(* Memory allocation *)
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