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Add the ETDSDC method

Elizaveta Boriskova requested to merge 14-exp-sdc into main

Implements ETDSDC time integrator according to

MR contains:

  • python module in mule_local/python/etdsdc for A_jl^i precomputing (callable from cli too by mule.etdsdc.generateSetup)
  • c++ SDC_ETD and SDC_ETD_Coefficients classes
  • testing tests/70_30_.../70_30_ETDSDC on a Dahlquist's test problem
  • minor things:
    • added a comment to lb.cpp in SWE terms
    • added ExpFunctions up to phi12th
    • some simlinks removed from mule/env_pythonpath (automatic result of mule.python.updatelinks?)

Callable as "ETDSDC(l=...,n=...,file=...)", works on edge cases (l or n not passed).
Tested on SWESphere2D Galewsky benchmark: works slow - 34.11 sec/ts for nIters=2, where same order IMEXSDC took 7.9 sec/ts 😟

Closes #14 (closed)

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